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Needs to be updated


First it was in "App Miner" on sale for "free". Downloaded it and was charged for the app. Second tried to use it on a state park trail this past weekend it was glitchy and random on the tracking. I would be pleased with this app if it actually showed the trails instead of a dot on a map. It showed the roads but NO TRAILS. How can this be a "Hiking App" if it does not show "common" trails??? I will wait to see if there are improvements. I would like to use it since I had to pay for it.

Don't. Just don't....

Perhaps with several updates this will grow from inscrutable to entertaining... but it ain't even close, yet. It places a new Start pin each time I switch to the app. There is no way to remove a pin. In addition, it places random start pins on the map. This is like an app with a few warts - only without the app.

I use this for my hiking

Wish it kept my daily track. I would pay more to get that one. Just buy goTraiPro. You will get multiple Trails recording plus Photo attachment to any spot. Show and edit capability is very handy too.

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